anghara (anghara) wrote,

Where's that judge again, when we need him...?

You know, the one who ruled on the attempt to infiltrate school science curricula with Intelligent Design?

Here's the new White House press secretary weighing in on the matter (yeah, I know it's from last August, but *I* only just found it...):

First of all, look at that title - just look at it - "why can't we have a rational debate".

But look at what his definition of a "Rational" debate is:

Yet, the whole dispute dissolves if one applies a dollop of humility to each side. One just needs to ask two questions: Does science reveal truth? And, does God exist?

NEITHER OF THESE HAVE "RATIONAL" ANSWERS. They are questions of philosophy and interpretration, of faith.

And nobody has ever claimed that science reveals the ultimate truth (unlike the God-flagellants who claim that God IS turth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth). It's even CALLED the theory of evolution, for crying out loud, not the truth of evolution. But it provides me with a lot more rationality than the insistence that something took a lump of mud and decided to make ME.

Faith is a wonderful thing - but it should not be taught in the classroom. If you can't live with the fact that your child lives in the 21st century, homeschool the kid in the scientific tenets accepted back in the dark ages, and then send them to some remote abbey where they can pray to the heavens all day. And for the love of that same God you profess to adore, stop trying to stuff Him down the throats of the rest of us.. or down the throats of our kids in the nation's classrooms.


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