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Tell me, what the hey is the point of wrapping a tight little plastic seal around the lid of a vinegar bottle? (Like, it's going to go BAD?) And what's the point of making that seal so tight that it's hermetic, and nto perforating it so that you can actually, yanno, REMOVE the damned thing with just HANDS? Hands weren't working, my fingers weren't flat enough to get between plastic and lid to get enough leverage, so rdeck handed me a pointed kitchen knife to pry the edge off. But the edge would not be pried, and the knife would not go in, and instead slipped beside it and off the lid and stabbed me in the ball of my thumb.

Where now I am wearing a large bandaid which precludes me from picking anything up with any kind of degree of grace or certainty. Ferget TYPING - my left hand is down to hunt and peck because that bandaid gets in the way of everything. Dammit.

And while we're on the subject - can parents just take tesponsibility for their own offspring, please, and thus remove the need for the rest of us to deal with "child proof caps"? Who was the idiot that thought the instruction "Press down firmly and then lift off" - at the same time - made any kind of sense? How do you press DOWN and lift OFF (i.e. UP) at the same time? And if you're opening up something like a bottle of Drano, which tends to be a tad corrosive on skin, shouldn't it be the idea to make it EASY to open instead of likely to have it pour itself all over your hands as you struggle with the verdammt cap? And we won't even talk about aspirin. If you have a headache bad enough for an aspirin, you have a headache that's bad enough for you NOT to have to cope with opening recalcitrant bottles. They should just lock up the cupboards where dangerous stuff lives until such time as kids are human enough to understand and obey "don't go there" - hell, even cats are trainable. Don't tell me kids aren't. And life becomes SO much easier for the rest of us.

I don't have kids, am unlikely to have kids, and my household is a child-free zone - unless someone brings one to visit, in which case that person is responsible for that kid's actions. I shouln't have to put up with living in an Escher world because some parents find it easier to booby trap everything rather than to educate and/or discipline their children...

I'm sorry for being snarky, really, but my THUMB hurts.

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