anghara (anghara) wrote,

Ink in my blood

Are you a writer? Here's one way to find out - courtesy of llygoden - you need a pen and paper for this one, but sometimes it's good to be reminded of a pre-computer world?

I scored 82, which gives me

80 - 103 points -- You'll probably make a great writer. You should think very carefully before getting married, having children, or buying a pet, however. Walking into your livingroom and discovering the dust-covered skeleton that was your cat -- or your spouse -- can be really bad for morale.

I did have a few problems where the true answer lay somewhere in between teh choices - so I did what llygoden did and averaged out the points between the two answers.

Which makes me think about addiction.

I get antsy whenI am not writing - and I don't necesarily mean typing on a computer, I count spinning tales in my head as a writing exercise too and I am always doing that. I feel guilty, even, berating myself for thigns over which I have no control - I find myself resenting things sometimes because they will take me away from a writing settign, or frame of mind. And then I get snarly and snappy and hard to live with, and it's like an addict going cold-turkey. I get headaches when I don't get enough caffeine in my system; I get an ache of the spirit when I don't write.

I keep on thinking back on that Ursula le Guin reply to an interviewer's question about what she'd be if she wasn't a writer, and she said, "Dead". I think the older I get the more certain I am that she was speaking God's own truth, and that I am one of the ones affected by the same disease. Ink in my veins. Words in my mind. If you took my spirit apart and examined it under a spirit-microscope, you'd find that if you broke me up to the smallest atoms of my being you would discover that I was made of Story.

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