anghara (anghara) wrote,

Hmmm. Okay, better get back on topic.

Well, sort of.

P'raps I forgot to leave out the keys to the liquor cabinet for the party-thread yesterday...

Either way - back to work today, but I just thought I'd check in. Went out to breakfast, bought some groceries and a couple more native plants to stick into the garden - where FOUR of my rhododendrons are now blooming - and then I checked my email (29 messages, 18 deleted outright by my existing filters, 8 more deleted on sight... sigh) and am currently listening to my two cattens pretending to be a pair of rhinos upstairs - how can a pair of cats which don't weigh 20 pounds between them make so much RACKET??

I have to go finish a chapter now, but in the meantime I leave you with something fabulous, thanks to several of you on my friends list,so maybe lots of you have seen it before - whatever, it's worth looking at again:

I think you need one of these somewhere on the farm, dancinghorse.

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