anghara (anghara) wrote,

Rain, flowers, visitors from the past and more Dell hell

I was invited to go to a demonstration of a Chinese Tea ceremony today, in a local park which boasts many, many rhododendrons - and I was kind of looking forward to both the flower display and witnessing something that I knew only from research and reading books - but the heavens opened and the deluge came down,and it was a very very wet and miserable thing with a minimal turnout and everyone standing there dripping. The rhodies were wonderful but soaked and it was hard to appreciate them properly when they drip down your back. It was a shame - but the lady organizing the event is the persident of the local Chinese society, and she was one of the organizers of the book club where I went the other night (see an earlier blog entry) and I very much hope that I will stay friends with her. So I might get another chance at the tea ceremony at some point.

Speaking of rhodies, I was reluctant to say anything because I might jinx it but now it's looking official - the yellow rhododendron in my front yard, which hasn't bloomed yet since it was planted nearly three years ago, has at least two beautiful, beautiful flowers opening on it. I am utterly jazzed about that. Next time there's a patch of sun on the thing, it's photo time.

And ain't the Internet a wonderful thing. SOmeone who worked with my Dad many years ago tripped over my website, and contacted me, and I put them in contact with each other after a hiatus of at least a decade, and then that person put Dad in touch with another ex-colleague with whom he used to be very friendly back whien he worked in Swaziland. This fellow now ives in Vancouver, BC - about 50 minutes drive (not counting bordercrossing time) from Belingham. So this afternoon he and his wife and their older daughter - who wasjust a kid when I saw her last - came out to see us and we sat around having coffee and talking about old times. They say that they'll make a point of popping over again soon - they come to shop at Bellis Fair Mall, which is right in our back yard here, and it looks like we'll be seeing quite a bit of them from here on.

And guess what arrived in the mail today...?

Two invoices for the CRT monitors.

Yes, they picked up one of them. The other was supposed to be picked up on Friday - never happened. I will be back on chat with lovely Dell on Monday, telling them that (a) I have no intention of paying these, seeing as the "sold" notation on the invoice is a flat out lie - I did not buy anything at all from them, I phoned about a hardware problem and THEY sent ME a replacement, and a wrong replacement at that; (b) inquiring if I can look forward to an invoice for the CORRECT monitor which they finally did send; (c) if they were SELLING me these replacement monitors why was this fact never mentioned in any contact they had with me - they said "we will replace" the parts, not "you can buy new ones from us"; (d) I will never ever buy anything from Dell again; (e) neither will anyone I ever have the chance to tell not to; and (f) that they will be receiving an invoice from ME requesting compensation for five irretrievably lost and potentially billable working hours that I apparently wasted on trying to get the situation straightened out with them.


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