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Okay, so I'm STILL working on the Worldcon trip report -

- but in the meantime I'm getting ready to do Cascadia Con, this year's NASFIC in Seattle.

I just received my (very busy) schedule for the con - here it is, for anyone who might be contemplating coming to this and is interested in keeping track of what I'll be doing:

Thursday Sep 1 - 4 PM - Remakes, reimaginings and resurgences - Flight
Thursday Sep 1 - 6 PM - The enduring legacy of Babylon 5 - Flight

Friday Sep 2 - 3 PM - Fantasy you can live with - Satellite
Friday Sep 2 - 5 PM - The heroine in fantasy - Emerald C
Friday Sep 2 - 7 PM - When the heroine isn't blonde... - San Juan

Saturday Sep 3 - 1:30 PM - Reading - Elliot A
Saturday Sep 3 - 4 PM - Autographing - Autpgraphing tables
Saturday Sep 3 - Tolkien vs jackson - 7 PM - Flight

Sunday Sep 4 - 12 PM -Museum Earth - Emerald C
Sunday Sep 4 - 3 PM - Is magic a Science? - Mercer B

Monday Sep 5 - 10 AM - Kaffeeklatsch - Harbor
Monday Sep 5 - 3 PM - Historical fantasy - Emerald C

A busy con! I'm moderating a lot of the panels I'm on, and some of those I have fairly strong opinions on, so things should be quite interesting. I really rather look forward to this one!

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