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The end of a good run

Once upon a time there was only one incarnation of "The Secrets of Jin Shei" on - the very beautiful hardcover edition with that incredibly evocative cover - this one:

Then came the paperback

Then the hardcover went out of print, and there were THREE variants on Amazon (this is all in the US, of course... for those of you reading this in the Antipodes, the covers must look... unfamiliar...). The original hardcover, the paperback, and the "Bargain" hardcover which was the remainders of the hardcover edition.

Today for the first time the original hardcover is permanently gone. It had a good run, for a hardcover novel - it was published almost precisely 2 years ago (two full years on April 27)and it was a beautiful, beautiful book.

But it is gone now.

Its current Amazon incarnation, let me gently remind potential customers, is the remainders... on which the author gets no royalties..BUT. There's more.

I made an offer on this journal a while back - if anyone wanted a signed first-edition hardcover, they could contact me directly. I still have several copies of that book, and for those of you going to Wiscon, there will be a couple of copies of it for sale at the Broad Universe book table where I will be on Sunday morning after my AM panel. If you are going to be there, come and say hi - and perhaps you can still pick up a hardcover at a special convention price. Otherwise, look for the nice shiny paperback in the stores.
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