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Updatery, literary and otherwise

* Just received my first glimpse (a sketch, no more) of the cover for the first YA book. It is going to be spectacular.

* I Love You, UK! This morning "Jin Shei" was at #1025 on; right now it's at 2514, but remember, this book was published in September of 2004 - and the fact that it's still hovering this high in the sales stakes makes me VERY happy. (The US is still playing catch-up...)

* On the Dell front - our two monitors, in their humungous boxes, are still in our entranceway as I speak. Ask me if I am surprised.

* It's sunny outside (hey there, aeriedraconia! You paying attention...? [grin])and my tulips are nodding in the breeze, and my garden is just beautiful.

* I think I have finally got to grips with Chapter 7 - with a rewrite of certain aspects of Chapters 5 and 6. It's more work but hey at least I know what i need to do now instead of getting stuck in the mud and getting my authorial boots sucked off my authorial feet every time I tried to step forward...

I got work to do. See you folks later.

BUT FIRST... UPDATE TO THE UPDATE... You're not going to believe this. The guy just came to pick up "the monitor". Yes ONE monitor. He thinks the pickup might have got "Separated" at the depot... which I doubt because I don't think they separated it at the Dell source. So it looks like another clusterfuck - but I'll give them until tomorrow... and I swear, if nobody comes for the second monstrosity by then it is going straight to Goodwill...

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