anghara (anghara) wrote,

Opening lines meme

mmeriam got it from someplace else, and this is the rhizome of memery in bloggerland - someone does something and then it starts spreading...

Okay, so some of my opening lines.

* When I was a girl and my world broke, I thought I would always divide my life by that night in the mountains - the day before, the day after.

* Water.

* There were only two questions that governed Amais's existence.

* "One. Already. And he was Anghara's."

* It was raining in Roisinan.

* "You smell angry," Aunt Zoe said as she walked through the door

* The first hint of serious trouble came, as trouble always does, unlooked for, stealthily, catching everyone by surprise.

* There lived once in a land far away to the East, so far that it sat right under the sun when it rose every morning, a great king.

* The air smelled odd.
Tags: meme, writing

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