anghara (anghara) wrote,

Out all day tulip watching...

The Skagit TUlip Festival runs all the month of April, and you can go wander the muddy fields and ooh and aah over the sheer mind-blowing colour of it all. God bless digital cameras - I took *119 photos* in the space of, shall we say, four hours. Many of them are very similar, granted, but they are all individual and they are all of amazing stuff. This year they had big kites flying above the tulip fields, and I took a few photos of those - - one of these days I'll put up a photo or two, just to show y'all.

The Dell people phoned back. They couldn't dispatch the "part" that they were supposed to be sending without knowing the serial number of the monitor that died. Fair enough, but, um, they didn't know this yesterday...?

I'm going up to watch some TV and perhaps finish my review book so I can get that off my plate. I have a chapter to finish this week, and I've done enough procrastinating...

Back tomorrow.

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