anghara (anghara) wrote,

Playing catch

When we were both little, the cousin I always call my sister (in my language she is my sister-from-aunt, which confuses the heck out of everyone who knows that we were both only children...)were always playing catchup. I was born in July, she in APril the following year; I would always turn something, in terms of age, and then she would "Catch up" with me when her birthday came around.

Well, she caught up again today. And I spoke to her on the phone across the many thousands of miles that divide us, to wish her happy catch-up day.

And neither of us knows how we got to be the age we are. It seems like only yesterday that we were little girls too enthralled by our games and fantasies and the safe, secure cocoons of our childhoods - and overnight, almost, we turned into adults, people who own their own homes, people who (in her case, anyway) have children, people who have careers, who have bank accounts, who pay bills every month, whose hair is turning or, in my case, is already completely gray. I look back, sometimes, and the years are like a rollercoaster - and I can't see the place where it began any more.

One grows, so fast. One grows older.

Heppy birthday, coz. Wait till July. I'll escape again into the future.
Tags: family, memories

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