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The things we carried

Gacked from naloblogger (this is what I posted on her journal):

A question: what were your most treasured possessions were at age:

Four? the copy of "Heidi" on which I had just taught myself to read at maybe three-and-a-half
Seven? my copies of my grandfather's books of children's poetry, in which I featured as a character together with my cousin, my mom's sister's daughter. COme to think of it, those books are STILL some of my most treasured posessions.
Nine? A set of books on the mythologies of the world - it started out with the Greeks and Romans but it was the Celts and the Norsemen who really fired up my imagination.
Eleven? The notebooks in which my then-current novel was being scribbled. In longhand. In pencil.
Thirteen? a thick unabridged edition of Galsworthy's "The FOrsyte Saga" - in English - do remember I had learned my ENglish only three years before and that had been by reading Enid BLyton, the Galsworthy was a gift from my Dad and it was given in some bemusement because even he could not believe how fast and how comprehensively I had assimilated my second language.
Fifteen?I had discovered jewellery, but had to settle for simple and (relatively) cheap - there was a particular silver ring that I absolutely adored. (so I got chintzy at fifteen - I finally, belatedly, became a teenager...)

I'm adding.

Twnety five? still on the jewellery kick, I"m afraid - the first diamond ring I bought with money I had earned myself (I still wear it)
Thirty two? My first shiny new book contract (would you believe that I actually LOST that piece of historic evidence in one of my many moves?
currently? The first copy of any new book that's just coming out - I just never get tired of holding that FIRST one, all new and shiny and still smelling of ink like a puppy smells of milk; every new book is a new adventure.

ever? that would have to be my grandparents' wedding rings, which I had linked with each other and which I always wear in memory of them. ALl of my other gauds are replaceable - these are not, they are unique, they are a part of my past that I carry with me into the future, and they are all the physical trace that's left on this earth, other than a single lock of my grandmother's hair and many photographs, that my grandparents ever walked shared this world with me. But with these rings on my finger... they are always with me. All I have to do, even right now as I am typing, to recall them to my heart's memory is look down on my hands.
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