anghara (anghara) wrote,

Packing for Worldcon

Tomorrow, for various reasons too complicated to go into here, is going to be hell on wheels, so I did my Worldcon trip packing today. I hope there's an iron available in all the places we're staying in cos otherwise I"m going to look like something the cat chewed up before dragging into the house - the reason being that I"ll be away for eighteen days and I'm travelling with carry-on luggage only. Wheeee. My husband says it's doable, I'm not so sure, you should see what the shirts he's taking along look like all squished up in his bag. yikes, yikes, yikes. It's gonna be interesting, see, because there's no room left in the bags for, like, laundry, as it were. So that's just have to get scoonched up into a corner somewhere until I can get rid of all the presents I'm carrying with me - and once I've done that, I'll be at WOrldcon, and in London, and there will be BOOKS... oh, *God*, shoot me now...

I've put up a condensed version of my current Worldcon schedule on my (other) blog, at, so for those who'll be there and who are making tentative plans on where to go and what to do, go check out. I'll see some of you very soon!

PS - the gadget appears to be working. I wanted to dowload a few games onto it before I left, but that simply may not happen - I"m running out of time... and my cats know something is up. Boboko has been following me around the house every step of the way, and I had to evict him from my suitcase four times before I could finish packing it...

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