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I first snuck onto the Internet sometime in 1995...

...and for the first time since then I am seriously considering changign my email address to something deeply secret that Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Ebay, any avatar of PayPal except the deeply official one, various financial markets that seem to think I am a big wheeler dealer, and a bevy of sons, daughters, widows, mistresses and second cousins twice removed of deposed or dead or both politicians from Nigeria, Abu Dhabi, Chechnya or Bhutan do not and will never know.

I had more than fifty emails today. Maybe five were ones I wanted to see. The rest were just JUNK.

I should just do away with my Inbox entirely and send everything straight to Trash, in the hope that I can rescue the few non-filtered legit messages from there before they get wiped.

Dear God. I wonder who told these spam-happy idiots the story of the goose that laid the golden eggs. They might find it instructive.

But then again, I don't hold out any hope that anything intelligent will ever be performed by people whose aim in life is to make other people's lives as miserable as they possibly can.


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