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Just LOOk at that title. "River of stars". Go resist that, if you can, and if you're even half the star-nerd that I am you won't be able to. I mean, what an image. What a world we live in. What a wondrous universe lies just out there beyond the sky.

And then you get to the article.

And certain words and phrases - like "Milky Way", "Big Dipper", "galaxy", "Moon", "planet" - aer hyperlinks. And if you mouse over them a little box appears, telling you..., not more information about the astronomical term you've just looked at. What it gives you is things like cheap air tickets, an automatic kitchen grease interceptor for the love of Ghu, dealership management software, an area guide to what appears to be a place called Moon which seems to be located in Virginia, USA.

I don't know whether to tear my hair out in outrage or just sit here and laugh hysterically.

A kitchen grease interceptor? *A Kitchen Grease Interceptor*???

Weep for us all, my children, for we are a lost and wandering race. Instead of raising our eyes to a map of the stars, we are having our heads shoved down a grease trap in a kitchen sink.

And in the meantime... "Overhead", as Arthur C. Clarke once said, "without any fuss, the stars were going out."

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