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The copyedit is finally done - I have a couple of things I need to do tweakery on tomorrow and then it's going back to the publisher. I suppose I'll have proofs on my plate before the end of April...

In any event, it's back to writing #2 next week, unless something ELSE pops up out of the woodwork to distract me. I absolutely HAVE to have most if not all of this book done by WIscon, which isn't TOO far away now. That's a kind of looming internal deadline, here. After that, I've got some research reading to do for the next book. And in the meantime I have two more books I have to review, I am on the committee for a juried literary award (more reading), and I've just been informed that my SPanish publisher wants to do an interview with me before they launch the Spanish edition of "Jin Shei" - in May, I believe - and I told them I'd be happy to do it (but I do hope they remember that I don't actually SPEAK Spanish [grin])

Oh, and congrats to larbalestier and naominovik for their various work-related good news this week - many happy returns, as it were!

But right now, I'm going upstairs to veg out and watch TV. Hopefully part II of "Dark Kingdom" has now been taped, and there a few other things dangling on the TiVo that need attention before they get erased to make space. Tomorrow is another day, and I have work to do to finish things off and clear my desk (and BOY does it need clearing) and then it's onwards and upwards, as always.
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