anghara (anghara) wrote,

"Admirrral! Therre be WHALES herrre!"

There's an ongoing amiable 'quarrel' going on in our household, concerning Star Trek. Hubby maintains that TNG was the best series, which I adamantly oppose on the grounds that the crew of the new 'Ennterprise', collectively and individually (with the possible exception of Picard), annoy me to the point that I want to throw things at them - and I can't get past that. The original series, despite its bloody awful science, weak plots and occasionally utterly execrable acting, remains to me one of the strongest modern mythologies of our time - *because of the characters*. They have never duplicated that Kirk-Spock-McCoy-Scotty relationship, not anywhere, not in any other franchise they've ever made. It was brilliant, and it was unique - and now half of it is gone, Scotty now joining Bones McCoy who has been up there in the heavenly fields for some time.

What you said is true after all, Scotty - you canna change the laws of physics. Or of biology. We are all mortal, in the end.

Thank you for being part of my life. May Heaven contain at least one glorious starship for you to work your peculiar mechanical magic on. So long, Scotty, and thanks for all the fish...

PS Just read this:

"THE ashes of Star Trek actor James Doohan, who died today, will be sent into space following his cremation..."

How perfect. He was an earthbound mortal, but he will always be remembered for his fictional wanderings across the vast fastnesses of space. How fitting that he should go where so few have gone before.

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