anghara (anghara) wrote,

Picking up the reins of life again - or, the post-con blues

Got a note from the vet today - the cats are due for their boosters and annual check ups. You don't want to KNOW how long it took me to corral the both of them for the vet visit last year. Gotta phone tomorrow for an appointment.

Got a call from my accountant, and although I've been paying in estimated quarterly taxes all last year apparently I still owe... a lot. It's going to be a tight one. Bleah.

Got to pin down my plumber to an actual date and time because the kitchen faucet needs replacing, and we've been dancing around this for WEEKS now. I appreciate the man's busy. So am I. This time he's gotta make an effort.

Got to get back to the book - I've got a couple or three linked chapters coming up and the thing should just fly once I get started again - but the trouble is the gettign started again what with all the other stuff that needs doing.

Got to get this nagging cough GONE, dammit, it's starting to drive me nuts.

Got to get my head set back straight. It's always like this right after a con - you spend a weekend being surrounded by people, pontificating at panels, socialising at parties, existing on evil snacks that you can grab in a free moment and coffee and adrenaline and too little sleep - and then you wave everyone goodbye and you go back to a real life which, for a weekend's worth of hours, seemed to be the fantasy. I can't belileve I was just all the way across the country on the other coast, five or six flight hours away. Everything's here, just as if I'd never left, except that I did leave and I've five days of stuff to catch up with - bills, messages, chores and responsibilities, and yes, writing.

The next one is Wiscon, the jubilee one, and it's going to be intense - and it's going to be another week out of my schedule - and alraedy I can't wait for it. I SWORE last year that I woudl cut down on the cons - but here I am, with one already under my belt, and at least three or four cons or writing workshops to go (and nicely spaced, too - May, August, October, November, chop chop chop into the year...)

And right now I"m still catching up on sleep so I'm going off to bed. Tomorrow, we shall see. TOmorrow is another day. TOmorrow I shut down party mode and become a worker again.
Tags: conventions, writing, writing life

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