anghara (anghara) wrote,

Nearly home again...

...there is just a 5 AM start between me and the other coast of the States.

Well. Lunacon.

Suffice it to say that Fun Was Had, and that the organizers turned a hotel-under-construction drama into a hilarious running gag, with posters declaiming "Hotel d'Isastre" with pithy comments underneath festooning every available wall, and it became kind of interesting to duck wet paint, rail-less staircases with signs like "Usable stairs that way" and "Beware man eating stairs" tacked to strategic barriers redirecting traffic, and other signs proclaiming that through the door upon which they were taped lay something called the "unlabeled women's room" (there was some discussion whether one con attendee's attire, which included a logo-ed sweatshirt and therefore a "label" precluded her using the facilities...) The Coffee House venue migrated between the two lobbies and the "Meet the Pros" function became something of a follow-the-leader event (and anyone who could actually find the bar got a drink out of it eventually...)The panels were good fun, particularly the one about language - lots of words which usually languish in dictionaries got more of an airing in one hour than they must have done in a very long time. We're writers and readers. We love language. And man, did we show it.

That was the con - and I already mentioned that I used the occasion to wander into New York and get to meet up with the Publishing Industry in person - and that in itself was pretty much worth the price of admission. But then there was more - and it's at this con, in particular, the annual pilgrimage I make to the East Coast, that I get to spend time with a dear friend I don't see nearly enough of - alexjay, bless you for coming, and thank you for wandering through the halls yelling "hear ye hear ye" when my scheduled reading was about to start (even if I was hiding behind the lectern at the time). It feels like there's never been a time when I didn't know you, and that's good.

Other encounters included dr_pretentious, and I got to meet a new favourite writer, naominovik, and even be on a good panel with her. A good convention. It is one which I think will become a fixture in my professional year, for as long as they keep asking me back.

Well. It's over. I'm off to pack my bag right now, and then I'll to bed early - perhaps even get some sleep - tomorrow I rise before the sun...
Tags: conventions, travel, writing, writing life

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