anghara (anghara) wrote,

I'm a-travellin' tomorrow morning...

...on my way to Lunacon starting Friday - I'm coming in to the East Coast a day early because I"ll be hobnobbing in New York with my agent and a couple of editors on the 16th. I *will* have my laptop with me, but access will depend on how exorbitant the charges are at the hotel I'm staying at - so I may or may not be able to read mail or post on LJ. However, a couple of people mentioned that they might be turning up at Lunacon itself - my schedule is up on my website - if you're there, come and say hello! (I've got a signing scheduled together with the Guest of Honor - oh joy - it means an hour sitting there staring at someone else's queue - always guaranteed to be a boost to the ego, isn't it...? )

So. Bag packed, ready to go, leaving on a jet plane tomorrow. Maybe I'll see you there. If not, see you when I get back. If not before. You know what I mean...

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