anghara (anghara) wrote,

Signing in Seattle

Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park is something of a magical place - things just Happen without one's noticing anything going on. Lat time I was there, on the Jin Shei BOok Tour, it was in the 59th minute of the 11th hour that someone suddenly showed up out of some back room and started setting out chairs in the place where the reading was supposed to be; this time, I didn't even notice anyone doing so, the chairs were just... THERE. I had to share billing with a magic show over at the back stage in Third Place Commons, which meant that my reading of a particularly dramatic portion of "The Hidden Queen" was punctuated by small explosions and completely unrelated applause, but that was OK - I had a a small but attentive audience, and I also learned that "Jin Shei" had been what my contact person in the bookstore called a "sleeper hit", and had sold extremely well for them so far. GOod news...

On the way up to Seattle, we stopped for a snack in Mount Vernon, in a cafe resturant called The Calico Cupboard (very nice food, for anyone passing that way) attached to Scott's Bookstore - where I am (now) having a reading on September 15. If anyone reads this who has contacts in Skagit County, let 'em know...

Good day.

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