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So, we went out and bought that exercise bike the other week. The experience of buying it was... something else, but let's not go into that, other than to say that I think the guy who sold it to us doesn't have a stellar career ahead of him as a salesman. 'Nuff said.

They were supposed to deliver the bike to us on March 7, nicely assembled (otherwise it came in pieces and I am notoriously bad at 3-d jigsaw puzzles which are supposed to function as something afterwards and hubby can't do it, not with one hand). The delivery charges, and the assembly charges on top of that, added nearly $100 to the price of the bike, but hey, sometimes you have to pay what you have to pay in order to get thigns done. We agreed to all this at the store - the date, the delivery, the fees.

Last week we get a phone call asking if it's OK that they deliver the bike on Monday, March 6 - that is, today - a day early. They say they will be here between 10 and 11. I did think that was too good to be true, that tight little window, but for once I was willing not to look a gift bike in the mouth, as it were, and accept that it was possible for a delivery to be EARLY, and to be planned so that they could guarantee a time.

That was the delivery company.

Things started to unravel, just the tiniest bit when the original salesman dufus phoned us a couple of hours after that original phone call and asked blankly, "What was it you bought from us that is being delivered?"

Uh oh.

At 10:32 am on Monday 6 March, Doofus phones again.

I suppose I should be grateful they PHONED between ten and eleven.

"Oh... the bike we were supposed to be delivering... we can't do it today. The girl who was supposed to assemble it for you didn't do it. Can we bring it on Thursday afternoon?"

Didn't do it? DIDN'T DO IT? Who's in charge back there? If you give a customer a delivery date and then go, oops, can't make it, we didn't get round to it... the more I think about it the angrier I am. I'm not entirely sure where to direct it, yet, but I"m getting awfully close to finding out and blasting somebody. I think at the very least I am owed a reduction, if not a complete elimination, of that delivery charge. The Doofus said, in so many words, "this is our fault" - so why do I still have to pay for the snafu? If they fucked up they should take the rap. Yes, I know mistakes happen and humans are humans and human error is ubiquitous - but dammit, I don't ask from anyone what I don't expect from myself, and that's reliability. "We didn't get around to it" is NOT an acceptable excuse. I happen to work at home, so it doesn't matter - but what if I had arranged to stay home from work this morning in order to accept this delivery? What if I'd had to seriously rearrange my life in order for it to be possible? WHat if it had been inconvenient on Thursday - what if the closest time they could do it which would be convenient for me would be a month from now? This bike is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR - its delivery was part of the package - dammit, but I'm mad!

I think I'll go fume quietly by myself for a while. And try and prevent myself from phoning back the store and demanding that if anyone should rearrange shedules, THEY can do it. I want my bike tomorrow.


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