anghara (anghara) wrote,

The frustration of the diseased and the woolly headed writer...

I have a wonderful idea for the direction of the next chapter. It ties up several threads in a neat way. It's one of those inspirations that are a gift from whatever muse is uaually making you think up you own material, thank you very nuch, and making you do everything yesterday.

It's an inspiration I am reduced to admiring from the outside, like some diamond behind glass in a museum, because I can't seem to collect enough coherent thoughts in my sinus-headachey-nose-blocked-earth-shatteringly-sneezy head to actually start writing it down. I wrote a few notes so that it sticks around in skeleton form for when I'm actually ready to pick it up and run with it. But... aaargh... when oh when is this cold going to GO AWAY...?

[mutter. grumble. whine. complain.]

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