anghara (anghara) wrote,

Mailbox contents, February 27

It doesn't OFTEN look like this.

Upon opening the said mailbox, these things were found within:

- one on-acceptance check for the first book of the YA trilogy, which means it's well on its way to looking like A Book, and it is a goodly amount so now I have money. This, given that I still have tax issues to deal with for last year, is a Good THing.

- three copies of the cover flat for the UK paperback edition of "Embers of Heaven", due out September 6. Looking good. My name, I am told, Will Be Embossed. OOOkay.

- a note thanking me for writing "Jin Shei" (always neat to get mail from total strangers who liked something you've written - you KNOW your book is out there, intellectually know it, but it's different when someone actually admits to you that they've found and READ a copy...

And, the cherry on the top:

- a copy of my NASA poster - you know, the one they asked permission to use my poem for. The poster, and I quote, "...will be permanently on display in our VIsitor Centre here at John H. Glenn Research Center." I now feel wonderful, even with a "stuffed-ub dose" and sinuses the size of one of the smaller provinces of Canada (my head's bigger on the inside, you KNEW that, where do you think all those fantasy worlds fit in...? [grin])

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