anghara (anghara) wrote,

The City Where I Was Born...

that first video - more elegant, slower, with more time to look around - it shows, amongst other things, the door on the corner of Matica Srpska, the Archive of Serbia, which leads into their storefront there on the street - behind that, in teh building beyond, on many floors, along many corridors, is the gathered wealth of our language and literature, a treasure house that's been there for centuries - and the place where, in the company of my beloved grandfather, I began to fall in love with language. The video shows two church towers in loving lingering detail - the first one is the pretty colourful Catholic cathdedral which dominates the main city square, but the second, the more baroque one, belongs to the Orthodox cathedral of St George which is the place that GOd lives...

The second video, teh time-lapse one, is more manic (and the speed of life in that city is very much NOT that...) but it shows other iconic places. Dunavska Ulica (Dunavska Street) which is an old and beloved street leading from the orthodox cathedral to the park beyond where I used to stand holding onto the self-same fence around the central shown in the image there and watch the resident swans (I have a black-and-white picture of a chubby toddler that was me back then holding on to that fence which was then just chin-high and staring at the birds in the water beyond...); a glimpse of the old market to which I used to go so often with my grandmother; and, of course, the river, The River, my Danube which I love so much...

Eh. It's the end of another year. if this isn't the time for a bit of nostalgia, when is...

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