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Wow, somebody stole September. But here's some neat stuff about NEW BOOKS!

Seriously. Hard to believe that an entire month has somehow vanished like a blown away leaf and I haven't posted ANYTHING here. In my defense I was hard at work finishing a novel...

Still, a couple of nice things to report - two early reviews of "Random", the first book in my new serise, have now landed. the first is here, at The Author Visits - which also has a bunch of other great stuff, such as an excerpt from Random as well as a sneak peek at the NEXT book - but "Random" is labelled a "must read" in this four-star review. Here's a quote to whet your appetite:

Random is also a story about roots, history and the philosophy, shedding light about the Were-kind, their existence and the hierarchy of a world that is perhaps more complex than that of the humans. The book examines the metaphysical nature of the Were-kind which in and of itself is unique and consuming.

Alma Alexander is a methodical story teller, peeling back the layers one by one, focusing on the big picture then slowly unveiling the details like a good mystery. Random is a complex emotional journey of a young girl looking to make sense of a sense-less event that impacts her life and that of her family’s.

The quality of the writing is stellar. Well composed and thoughtful, Alexander chooses to give Jazz a mature voice that I appreciated as an adult reader.

Go read the rest.

The second review surfaced this morning, at Angela's Library. And it's WONDERFUL (another 4-star one!) Look at this blurb-worthy snippet:

As you’ve probably figured out by now, Random isn’t just a story about shapeshifters, it’s a story about humanity. It’s about what it means to be a member of a family, a culture, a race. This is an ambitious undertaking, but Alexander handles it with grace and skill.

(Oh, and tomorrow, on the Angela's Library site, she's going to post her interview with me - and it's a DOOZY. You should definitely go read this thing tomorrow. You can also register for a giveaway copy when you do!)

The Author Is Happy.

"Random" is due out end of the month. Currently still available for preorder here - so get the jump on it - or, alternatively, if you want to consider this as a Christmas present for a reader in your life, here's an option. I'm screening the replies to this post; if you are interested in a signed copy of "Random", leave me a comment with a contact email address and a mailing address to which you would want a book sent, toether with the name of the person to whom you might want to have the book personalised to. I will then obtain books from the source on your behalf, they will come here to me and I will sign them, and I'll put them back in an envelope and they'll be on their way to you. $22 would cover book and postage. We can discuss method of payment in email.

But this is a good book, apparently [big wacky grin]. People LIKE it. And I promise you this - #2 in the series is with the publisher as we speak, and I've just finished writing #3 - it just gets BETTER. I'm inordinately proud of this series. Some of the best work I've ever done.

Come help me celebrate!

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