anghara (anghara) wrote,

Can't find it confirmed elsewhere yet, but -

- according to Steven Barnes the science fiction writer Octavia Butler passed away yesterday - in his blog entry, here:

I was privileged to meet her - once - and we got so engrossed in conversation that I let someone steal the extra chair I was supposed to be guarding against the return of Charles Brown of Locus who had gone to get a drink (and returned to find himself without a seat, and informed me that I was fired, but that's another story). I thought her writing was brave, and luminous. I thought she herself was a wonderful character. I was looking forward to crossing paths with her again, some day. Alas, not to be.

It's a loss, to the community she belonged to, which she shared her life and her writing with. It is a gift to us that she left her writing behind for us to treasure.

Godspeed, Octavia. My world was the richer for your presence in it.

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