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From my inbox (subject lines only, I'm too damn busy to go chasing these down although they might be fascinating...)

- "Hold on to her love" (guys, I'm a GIRL. Unless you think I'm a card-carrying lesbian this one is way misplaced. Do you freaking homework.)

- "Get an advanced degree in Homeland Security" - this one's particularly funny after I just read an article about a TSA agent who didn't know if District of Columbia drivers' licences were "valid US photo ID". Advanced degrees - in basic GEOGRAPHY and CIVICS! - might indeed be called for, here. But um I don't need one. Thank you ever so much.

- "No More Tears" - wasn't this last used for a baby shampoo?

- "Free E-book!" - er, thank you, but you're offering me this particular treasure from six different and equally unlikely email addresses. It is further and further away from the realm of any possibility that I will click on this with every time you slam it AGAIN into my inbox under a different email. Besides, have you seen my reading pile? If I need a free ebook, I'll ask for one...

- "You won't believe this!" - you're probably right. I don't.

- "Do you believe in angels?" - well, it's like this, probably not in the way you want me to...

(yes I was just cleaning out my inbox after a prolonged period away from home. Why do you ask...?)

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