anghara (anghara) wrote,

Backward run the reports...

I ONLY JUST GOT HOME, more or less.

Colleen and I left the Olympic Peninsula in the rain - which became a
water wall around Olympia - and the it poured steadily all the way to
north of Everett on the I5 (visibility terrifyingly limited, and at
least one idiot - there's ALWAYS one, isn't there - who thought that
changing lanes every two minutes in this unholy mess of a weather
event would somehow get him to his destination a sitxth of a second
faster than he would have otherwise reached it...) North of Everett,
it became rain mixed with occasional wet snowflakes, and then it
turned into sleet, and then, north of Mount Vernon, into full on snow
with jawdropping accumulations on the side of the highway and building
steadily ON the highway...

I know my area. In weather like this, trying to get to my house would
have been, if even remotely possible, a prospect that might have
doomed Colleen to being a house-guest at my place until Wednesday. So
we pushed on along the still relatively clean but increasingly slushy
I5 until we got off at the exit that was physically closest to my
Mom's condo, and we went there instead. We barely made it - the non
highway roads were a stew of snow and slush and the intersections were
frankly frightening. We drove into the condo parking lot, and waded
through ankle-deep snow (lugging suitcases) up to the conde. There was
no way COlleen was going on anywhere that night. It was just beyond
human endurance.

In a comical (in retrospect) game of Keystone Cops, we tried to get
someone with a bit more gumption and driving mojo than us to deliver a
pizza to us - but first the original driver dispatched with it phoned
us to tell us that it's going to be a while becayse "he had to stop
and chain up his car" and then another guy phoned from the dispatch
centre to inform us that the original driver had got hopelessly stuck
and they were sending someone else. WhenI phoned back some half an
hour later just to find out if they had a revised ETA (we were getting
HUNGRY, okay?) I was informed that the second pizza hadnt even been
SENT yet, and it would probably take another hour and a half to get
there, at which point we gave up and had a cup of hot soup and
scrambled eggs and went to bed. Colleen crawled out of there this
morning after cleaning lots of accumulated stuff off of her car, and
made it home TO VANCOUVER - in a different country, across a border -
and there I was still stuck at my mother's, half an hour from home and
a very iffy prospect of getting there. Bits of information I could
glean included that the ACCESS road to Sudden Valley was closed in
three separate places because of downed power lines or fallen trees;
that it was possible that there were trees down in the Valley itself
(but I couldn't find out where); that large swathes or the area still
had no power; and that the accumulated snowfall in Bellingham over the
last 48 hours was freaking ELEVEN INCHES. That's just - I don't
remember it ever doing this before in the ten years and more that I've
lived here.

I finally caved and called a cab to get me home, and arrived at my
house at about 1:20 PM on Monday the 24th.


I had a wonderful time, I did quite a bit of work, there are

alma writing 2

sunset 1

sunset tree reflection 1


and I had some GREAT food (thanks again, Julie, for those soups...) Thank you all.

Now if I can unclench my shoulders and relax - home at last, home at
last! - it's back to the real world...

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