anghara (anghara) wrote,

What the flipping heck is her NAME?

I'm playing a kind of twisted Rumpelstilstckin game - usually my characters step out of a wall, fully formed, and introduce themselves BY NAME - they know exactly who they are and they aren't shy about sharing it. Well, right now I have one of THOSE sharacters - a game player. She's here, she's real, but she *won't tell me her name* and anything I fling at her - is it THIS? is it THAT? - she smiles and shakes her head and tells me I will know it when I say it. All she will tell me is that it is not trendy or twee (no cute alternative spellings of anything), and that if anything it's a little old-fashioned and out of favour but not something that really belongs on an old lady from the tail end of the 19th century. Yes, I know. Annoying, isn't she? So I'm asking for your help. Have you any names that you think might fit the bill? She's maybe 19 years old, dark-haired, possibly of mixed race (although that is something else she hasn't been fully forthcoming about). Anything...? Any ideas...?

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