anghara (anghara) wrote,

How do I do? Pretty well, I think.

You've all heard about the Bechdel Test, I am certain -

1. It has to have at least two women in it,
2. who talk to each other,
3. about something besides a man.

Here's a writer applying said test to her own works - it is noted that the test "...does not speak to the quality of the work, nor is it a method of measuring how feminist something is. Plenty of unfeminist (and even anti-feminist) works can pass the Bechdel Test. It also doesn’t mean a work is bad if it fails this test. The point is to merely look at gender bias."

So I threw it at my own books.

The Jin SHei books - "Secrets of Jin Shei" and "Embers of Heaven" - pass so obviously that there is little point in dwelling on it - I mean, if - in the case of "Secrets of Jin Shei" - you have a book with eight living protagonists and one loving (female) ghost, dear LORD, of course they are going to talk to each other about all sorts of things. THat's what the whole BOOK is about. So these are the Bechdel Test poster children, really.

The "Changer of Days" books - "The Hidden Queen" and "Changer of Days" - again, hell yeah. My protagonist is a female character and she has a strong female mentor or three in this story, and it stands to reason that there are conversations that don't revolve solely around the male of the species.

The YA stuff? The Worldweavers series talks CONSTANTLY to other women, ranging from her own best friend, to a seriously zooty auntie with whom she discusses life the Universe and everything and straight on to a female deity, and a couple of literal stars who assume female personalities and with whom conversations happen. So yeah. Pass.

"Midnight at SPanish Gardens"? It has a *love story between two women*. Yeah, they talk to one another about stuff. Lots of stuff. Pass.

I think I"m doing okay.

Anyone who wants to find out more about these - or pick up a copy or two - feel free to mosey onto to my website at and click here (or here, if you've read all the others and might want something different, for that matter...) for buy links, if you feel so inclined. And leave me reviews! Mention the Bechdel Test, if you think I've done well on that score!

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