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I'm making a difference...

Do other writers do this? I have a feeling we can't help it - once a book (a baby) is out in the world it's almost compuslive to check up on it and see how it's doing - and the way to do this for our work, in this day and age, is via Google. So every now and then I plug the name of my novel(s) into Google, and follow where it takes me.

In this instance, it took me to an Italian blog - the URL is to the translated page, which is entertaining as and of itself because some of those constructions have fairly obviously never met English grammar in their lives. But never mind that. Scroll down, to the picture of the two girls looking at one another with such absolute love and understanding. Look at the words on the picture: "Jin Shei - you can understand".

I am both humbled and proud to find out that there are people out there who have read "The Secrets of Jin Shei" and have taken its vow and made it real, made it live. Thank you, dear Italian lady, whoever you are.

Here's the URL (it might be broken up, make sure you cut and paste it all):

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