anghara (anghara) wrote,

Dumb and dumber...?

Back over at my my website blog this doozy came along to be moderated in the comment queue (and I have changed nary a word in it):

Select comment * online marketing*

Submitted on 2013/04/12 at 12:51 pm

Would you be capable of guide us in your internet marketer or dude that
takes care of your blog, I would like to determine it would be easy to
certainly be a guests poster.

Well... first of all, any guest on my blog needs one basic qualification: a basic knowledge of English grammar. This say I, the blog owner; and so does "the dude" who takes care of the whole thing, who is my husband, and who is very amused at being "the dude". And second of all, guests on my blog tend to be known to me, and usually invited to participate.Not to say that I haven't acceded to requests to guest before, but as I said, those came from people I know, whose writing and whose motives I know, and yes, who can string together an English sentence without coming up with the sort of monstrosity that turned up in the comments.

On second thought, maybe I ought to play along. Ask this "dude" to submit something and it if is sufficiently funny I could post it as an example on how not to... but no. I'm not quite THAT mean.

Still. Thought you'd enjoy. Clueless spammers are clueless, as always.
Tags: spam idiots

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