anghara (anghara) wrote,

So, then - tomorrow I am going to a hanging....

...of things onto walls, that is.

Ladies and gentlemen, I go tomorrow to a place called Bellewood Acres, where there is a small gallery, in which yours truly is going to be a part of a photographic exhibition from this Saturday all the way until May 30. For any of you within driving distance, if you want want to drop in, please come! There will be an Artists Reception on April 21, from 3 - 5 PM, and I would lvoe love love it if people came by to take a look and say hi.

Being a writer, I am doing this highly visual thing with one difference. EVERY PICTURE HAS A STORY. There's a "story snippet" that goes with every image in the show, and I spent the past three days writing them, and I swear I was channeling Oscar Wilde all the way. They came out pretty well, the tiny little story gems that are being offered up together with the images in the exhibition. Some of them turned out poignant. Some of them have the air of dark fairy tales. Some of them are even funny. I'm feeling rather pleased with that effort.

But the important part of this is, I'm going in tomorrow to hang pictures. THIS should be fun; I'm thinking of charging admission, just for those who want to watch me blunder and bluster and possibly come out with cartoon-fingers full of bandages tied into white ribbons. I've some 20 photos to hang, adn some of them are "double hangers", with two hooks on either side of the frame, which means I have to keep the freaking things STRAIGHT, and, well, this should be great fun...

Anyway. If you're local and you want to point and laugh and take pictures during the set-up (and maybe make coffee runs for me down to the counter in the main cafe area... [grin]) you might swing by and wave and tell me LiveJournal or Facebook sent you, or something. Or just make a plan to come by - not necessarily tomorrow, but over the next few weeks - and take a look. And maybe stock up on a Christmas present or two for someone who might appreciate a fine photograph and a story to go with it.

I'll see you, as it were, at the pictures...

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