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And in other developments...

- Today was a significant date. On this day, three years ago, a cold and rainy February morning marked the beginning of our lives in Bellingham. We moved into our (very cold and empty) house right about NOW, three years ago. And we haven't looked back since. You know how it is, when you find a place you can not only call your house, but your HOME? It's here. For us, it's here.

- Today we went shopping. Because we DO live in the beautiful rainy Pacific Northwet (not a typo...) and because we live in an area of twisty windy roads with no shoulder and the nearest flat ground is some little drive away and rdeck is still not quite steady on his feet and dislikes inclines and traffic on roads where he can't dodge out of the way, but because his continued recovery requires on-going exercise, we purchased an indoor exercise bike today. It will be delivered in the first week of March. I much look forward to seeing my cats' faces when it arrives, let alone when someone actually starts turning pedals.

- We walked out the front door this morning, and the sky spat three snowflakes at me. And then quit. The weather is being just plain WEIRD but I suppose I am glad I don't live in upstate New York right now.

- WOuld someone explain to Cheeky (our resident squirrel) that it is not required for him to empty the feeder *EVERY DAY*...?

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