anghara (anghara) wrote,

New Antho!

"The Mystical Cat" - new antho, a little bit late out of the starting gate but finally out - if you like things feline, this one is for you. Currently ebook (Kindle (below) and also on Smashwords for other formats) but I am told that if 200 copies of the ebook are sold in two months the publisher will put out an actual honest-to-goodness paperback edition of it, too - and I for one would love to see that happen - do we have 200 cat lovers out there...? (yes, I have a story in here. "Safe House". It's a story I rather love, actually...)

You can buy it right here, if you are a Kindle person, or you can look for it on Smashwords under the Sky Warrior Books umbrella.

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