anghara (anghara) wrote,

First lines of 2012

Eh. This year didn't excel in scintillating first-post-first-lines, but it's an overview, and the year is about to expire in a puff of smoke, so - from this blog, over the span of 2012 -

January: "For all those without an e-reader or not wanting to read it on a screen - it's now out in paperback!"
[this is "Midnight at Spanish Gardens" we are talking about here... and although the Apocsalypse is over, now you can read the book and say "I told you so" and STILL enjoy the story...]

February:"John Scalzi is being awesome... "
[Well, he generally always IS, but this time he was raising funds for a worthy cause and I was joining the posse, as it were...]

March: " "the ten most powerful female characters in literature" list - er, what?"
[I didn't like their list, so I made my own]

April:"I may have mentioned that my cats were Having A Problem lately..."
[oh, Boboko, my darling cat boy. It started way back here...]

May:"I was talking to my hubby about eye-candy the other day (hey, I'm MARRIED, I ain't DEAD) and I said I wanted a single TV show with a bunch of my eye-candy faves in it."
[and I'm working on a story for this, actually...]

June:"So, there was (once upon a time, heh) this wonderful anthology called Dark Faith."
[announcing one of nicest things to happen to me this year, short story wise...]

July:"Because these things make me unaccountably giddy -"
[moi, being a geek - the Higgs Boson, and Mars, and whatnot...]

August:"Go Curiosity."
[MORE Mars.]

September:"YA and middle-grade novels are hot hot hot - and here's a brand new kid on that block, a new fantasy by author Morgan keyes..."
[guest blog post by a friend...]

October:"According to, "After a whirlwind internet fundraiser that raked in more than $1 million, a Shoreham nonprofit has made a successful offer to buy Wardenclyffe, the lab on Route 25A in Shoreham where Tesla researched wireless technology between 1903 and 1915...After a period of due diligence, the sale should be closed by the first quarter of 2013."
[update on the succesful fundraiser to buy Wardenclyffe property as the site of a future Tesla museum]

November:"There and back again - we took the train up (and were told, "sorry folks, we have to wait, they broke a coal train and now the knuckles (apparently a train term) are busted and they have to wait for a replacement part before they can fix the train and get the thing off the tracks and out of our way..." and mentioned some fairly scary wait times... but the knuckles showed up far sooner than anticipated and the coal train shifted."
[from the "obligatory Orycon post" - home from the con...]

December:"'Tis that time of year again, and as always I have a few items that are available for those who wish signed stuff to put under the tree for friends and family. "
[winter... er, Christmas... is coming...]

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