anghara (anghara) wrote,

So, then. Here's a dispatch from the End of the World.

It didn't happen.

Didn't think we would all die in flames today. Happy new world that starts tomorrow. One where days start growing longer again, second by precious second, and you'll notice it soon. I promise.

In the meantime todsy - a few things that happened.

An AMAZING sunset - the sky was on fire, briefly, and it was funto conjecture that somewhere something vaguely explosive DID eventuate [grin] But no, it was just the sun sinking below its early winter horizon. Thanks for the spectacle, though. It was nice.

An amazing clarity of light and air tonight. We could see the Canadian mountains, the snowy peaks blazing in the last of the light from the west, and they were sharp enough to cut your fingers on if you reached out to touch them. On the way home, the hill sacross our lake were likewise sharply etched. This is rare, this kind of clarity. And it was beautiful. I love the brittle winter light, and when combined with this kind of bright air that makes everything feel as though it's been brought closer to you, and to your understanding, this is spectacular. Loved tonight. LOVED it. Didn't have a camera but I don't think it would have done justice to the light anyway. I will just remember it, with joy.

A group of pint-sized and delightfully appalling gap-toothed carol singers, average age about six (if that) who were wandering around Fairahaven bellowing classics ("White Christmas" went OK, "Silent Night" disintegrated horribly, then they unaccountably went on to a contemporary pop neoclassc ("Last Christmas/I gave you my heart/but the very next day/you gave it away...") and ending up with a truly unique version of "Deck the halls" which actually had me laughing out loud (but hiding it from the very earnest kids, who got sincere applause at the conclusion of their efforts. Very few young kids can actually carry a tune, and these guys had maybe ONE of those special snowflakes in the group, the rest of them were woefully all over the place and sliding off the high notes as though they were steep slopes covered with ice and yet they were doing it with so much unalloyed delight that it was impossible not to get into the spirit of it all and cheer them on. Ah, I needed that.


Happy solstice. Christmas on its way. Bought a last present today, had it wrapped at the store, they slapped a ribbon on it, and the cat pounced on it as soon as it was brought into the house. I turned the present upside down and tucked the ribbon out of sight for now, but I seriously doubt the riboon will survive the next three days...

They kept saying it was going to snow for Christmas and now they've pulled it. Ah well. Hope you're all having a good time anyway, wherever you are. And may a stray christmas carol badly sung by a child's precarious voice, if you are lucky enough to find one, light up *your* day, too.

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