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Annual December Gift Giving Reminder

'Tis that time of year again, and as always I have a few items that are available for those who wish signed stuff to put under the tree for friends and family. This year there are two items that I am calling the Christmas Club offers and they are:

1) "2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens" - Four For Fifty. Here's how it works: you get four copies of the book, and from here you have a choice of several different scenarios. Scenario the first: the first book is signed and personalised TO YOU. The other three books are just signed, and YOU get to do the rest - you personalise them, from YOU, as Christmas presents to three of your best buddies. An alternative game you can play with this (more fun!) is that you give the three books that you have to give as presents to the next friend, and tell that friend that they get to keep one copy and they have to pass the remaining two to a friend of their own with instructions to keep one copy and give the final book in the chain to a friend of THEIRS. That way the books go to perhaps unexpected places that you yourself might never have thought of before. Scenario the second: you give me four names (yours, and three friends) and I sign and personalise the books directly to the named recipients and you get to hand them out yourself to specific people. The world supposedly ENDS on the 21st of this month, folks - give your friends something good to read for the End Times! Here's a caveat. These books need to be ordered WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK OR SO if they are to be available in time for Christmas. You want this? DO IT NOW. ($50, four books)

2) "Secrets of Jin Shei" - Two For Sixty. Same general idea as above, except you get an extra copy to share with your very very best friend, your own "jin shei bao", the family you have chosen for yourself from all the other human beings whom you have met in the course of your life. The editions I am offering are from the last box I have of the original hardcover first editions, the ones with the amazing cover; when these are gone, they are gone. This particular edition has been out of print for some time. THis year, I am only offering four of these - i.e. eight books, total. Signed and personalised to you and to your friend. ($60, two books)

Non-Club offerings:

3) "River", the anthology. $20, includes book and shipping. This is an award-nominated collection, with the fabled Map of Contents instead of the ordinary pedestrian Table of COntents. It contains stories by Jay Lake, Nisi Shawl, Seanan McGuire, Irene Radford, Joshua Palmatier, Keffy Kehrli, and other fab writers - it's a cool collection by lots of cool people, and it is a book I am so very proud of. If ever there has been a river you loved in your life, you need this book.

4) THe Worldweavers books are about to be re-released in new editions. I still have quite a quantity of Spellspam, in both hardcover and paperback editions. HC at $20, PB at $10, and some of the most fun you can conceive of having with email....

5) The Ebook Extravaganza - leave me a message about what you are after, and we can come to an arrangement. Ebooks on offer: all the Alexander Triads (go look on Amazon or Smashwords!) the ebook editions of "Midnight at Spanish Gardens" and "Embers of Heaven". Prices vary. I can either send you gift copies of the ebooks, or a voucher with which you can purchase it yourself from the site of your choice.

Shipping of physical books, media mail, is included in the prices quoted above - within the US. Overseas orders will have the price of the package adjusted to reflect ACTUAL shipping costs - and be warned that these may run to $20-$30 (US). Happy to do it, but just a heads-up...

I accept Pay Pal, or checks - comments to this are screened so you can leave me your email (for contact purposes)and your mailing address, and if you require my own mailing address for check purposes I will respond to that with the address in question.

Happy reading, as always!

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