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Another writing meme

fiction_theory just started yet another writing meme - look here for explanations and examples.

Basically, the point is this:

Come up with five opening lines for books you never intend to write. Use different techniques and try out different genres than you usually would. Just make them as interesting and compelling in one line as you can.

So, let me try my hand at this.

1. No matter how many times Thierry counted, the number remained obstinately and frighteningly the same - there had been seventeen rats in the Plague Rats cage when he had left the lab the previous night, and now there were only fifteen.

2. Naming the habitat Noah's' Ark had been no more than a jest when they had landed on this soggy planet - but now the joke was decidedly fraying around the edges as Mike and Sarah stared morosely out of the view port on the anniversary of their first landing and realised that they could not remember a day that it had not rained.

3. "Sugar?" Aunt Agatha asked brightly, teaspoon hovering over the dish - and I really wished I could stop thinking about the rat poison I had seen her buy not an hour ago in that seedy little store on the far side of town.

4. There was something fundamentally wrong about the man in the Santa suit standing over the smoking ruins of the house on Christmas morning; he had been supposed to bring a lump of coal to someone who had been bad, by tradition, not set the thing alight and burn the roof down on top of him.

5. The rabbit was not white, but it did have an apron and a watch and it was definitely insistent - and who was I to refuse an invitation (or was it a command?) to follow him to Wonderland?

Hm. Those were all really off the cuff. Less than five minutes for all of them. Maybe I can come up with more compelling stuff if I stopped to consider the matter for longer.

In the meantime, anyone else want to play?...
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