anghara (anghara) wrote,

New interview, review and a giveaway - go visit!

It's here.

Quotable quote:
"Tackling a story with multiple time periods can be different. However, Alma manages to skillfully handle it without making numerous time periods difficult to understand or follow. 2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens is a fabulous fantasy and time-altering story. Equipped with beautiful writing and compelling characters, it will certainly hook readers from the very first page."

And you can win your own copy. Go get it!

ETA Wow. In the nearly five days since this thing has kicked off, there have been more than 2000 entries. Colour me blown away (in a good way). The hostess of the site will have some news to announce very shortly, given the volume of the entries - and so will I. Watch both THIS space, and THAT space - and do enter for the draw, there's till plenty of time. I am now waiting to see how high this can fly...
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