anghara (anghara) wrote,

THis is a really genuine question because I don't understand -

- those of you who have LJ posts which consist entirely of "My Tweets" - what on EARTH do you think you are achieving by this? Are there some people you believe exist who desperately need to see your tweets, but can't or won't go to Twitter to do that? Why in heaven's name would someone interested in tweets or in Twitter go to LiveJournal to keep up with your tweets if they aren't keeping up with same already on Twitter? I am baffled. LiveJournal is a long-blog site. It was set up as such. Nothing wrong with posting the ocasional three-word update there - but it's a BLOG update. When your blog entries consist of nothing else but a series of tweets you've already made elsewhere on the web anyway, what is it that you are thinking that you are accomplishing? If there are folks who already follow you on Twitter (or wish to) they are indubitably there already, and they've SEEN these tweets, so they're getting them twice - and those who aren't on Twitter and may not wish to follow anybody's tweets are getting them one time too many in a context which is a blogsite and not a tweet-compendium. Who actually gets any use out of these "my tweets" posts, and why?

As I said, it's a genuine question. It's your blog and you're entitled to do what you want with it. I just find these "my tweets" posts to be a recurring annoyance, to be perfectly honest, cluttering up the friends pages when I read through the latest blogs that the people I have friended *right here on LJ* might have updated with, in a manner that's frankly longer than 140 characters. Twitter has its place - I just wonder why its periodic regurgitation on LJ seems to be so widespread. To me, it has every conceivable disadvantage without a single redeeming quality...

Apologies if I appear cranky and ranty but there are days when I don't feel absolutely 100% (like right now) and what might seem to be a minor irritation suddenly turns into the proverbial straw on the camel's back. And seriously, just going thruogh my my flist pages right now, I've tripped over half a dozen of these "My Tweets" posts - none of which seem to add anything to anything, except just piling up clutter in the corners...

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