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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...

...a writer who has Something New out, and who wishes to invite you to read the tale.

It's a Trickster tale.

I hsve a soft spot for trickster characters, because I think they embody all that is great about good fiction - they are unpredictable in all the best ways, you never know what they are going to do next or which way they are going to jump, and they are always full of surprises.

Minerva Zimmerman appears to have danced with one in the moonlight, in the writing of her story.

Here's what she has to say about it all:

I remember anghara talking about when she wrote the last Worldweavers book: Cybermage, which features Nikolai Tesla as a character, her bird feeders were suddenly infested with pigeons. Pigeons were a big part of Tesla's historical life and feature prominently in Cybermage. She'd never had pigeons prior to writing that story, and once they left they did not return. I distinctly remember thinking, "Fiction doesn't bleed over into reality like that."

The universe has a funny sense of humor. Ever since I started writing stories involving Loki, I can't tell you how many times I've muttered, "Why couldn't it be pigeons?"
I don't remember how or when it started. Maybe it was the ironically pertinent songs playing on my internet radio every time I sat down to write. Maybe it was the first time something went horribly wrong with my car far from home and I just happened to be in the perfect spot to get it fixed. All I know is by the time the otter showed up I pretty much knew what was going on. I'd managed to invoke Loki in fiction, and he found the accommodations enjoyable. Oh crap.

Have you ever tried to bargain with a trickster? A trickster manipulates everything at the periphery of a situation. They're neither kind nor malevolent. Tricksters live between; between reality and imagination, between right and wrong, between the beginning and the end. Tricksters live outside the norm but within the bounds of society. They are allowed, if not expected, to act contrary to what is reasonable, but still acting with reason. They irritate, endanger and destroy, with a wink and a grin, to teach us things we already knew. We want to yell but they make us laugh too hard to breathe. They're easy to love and hard to live with.

I had a major problem and no good way of fixing it. The story I was writing would take years and years to get to the part where Loki appears. I put out a plea for help. I mentioned to Timid Pirate I'd love to write a new avatar of Loki story in Cobalt City, their shared superhero world. Several months later, they asked if I wanted to write a Cobalt City novella. I realized to write a novella length story I needed to tell the story from the perspective of a hero. It's been said that superhero stories are just post-nuclear fairy tales. I think that's true, but we're in the information age now. It's time to revisit our stories in new ways, with heroes who reflect our world, instead of holding up an idealized view from the past. Cobalt City had an established avatar of Thor in the 1970s, but with a new avatar of Loki, stood to reason it was a good time to pass on Thor's mantle too.

Tera Washington is Thor's current avatar, but not by choice. Her father became Thor's avatar when an army buddy was killed on the battlefield in Vietnam. When her father had a near-fatal heart attack during a mugging six months ago, the mantle passed to her. After Thor helped her defeat their would-be muggers, Tera's done her best to ignore the Norse God in her head. When Thor identifies anti-superhero television pundit Lyle Prather as the avatar of Loki it forces Tera to confront her new powers. However, when she meets Lyle, it's nothing at all like she expects. Tricksters you see-- live in "The Place Between".

The Place Between is available at Amazon, or directly from Timid Pirate Publishing in a 3 format bundle.

Minerva Zimmerman writes tragically funny fiction and blogs Monday Museum Mishaps where she endangers her fictional self with real life museum hazards.
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