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Short story wise...'s been quite a year, for this *novelist*. let's see:

Originals (and all of these are either available noe at the links, available for pre-order and to be shipped soon, or imminently available for pre-order or order):

"Dreamshare", in Absolute Visions in February 2012

"Rum Pelt Stilt's Skin" in BOok View Cafe's fairytale rettling anthology Beyond Grimm

"Night Train" in Dark Faith 2 (coming up end of August, to be launched at Worldcon in Chicago this year)

"The Secret Name of the Prince" in Scheherezade's Facade, coming up 1 September 2012

"The Bones of our Ancestors, the Blood of our Flowers" in Phantom Drift #2 (October 2012)


"Safe House" in an upcoming cat tales anthology from Sky Warrior Books

Two more reprints on which I am awaiting final contracts so won't say anything specific yet until I have 'em, but sold.

Awaiting repsonses on three more submissions out there.

I got an invitation to another anthology earlier this year but just could not make the story I was thinking about take shape in time for the deadline and so regrettably had to pass rather than turn in something inferior and rejectable.

This is not to mention the Alexander Triads, the three-story mini-collections of my own work which are currently avalable on Amazon and Smashwords as ebooks - currently there are six [1} [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] of these out there, all available at the links provided at Amazon (or look for them on Smashwords if you have a different e-reader) which means 18 stories, some of which have been published before (thus reprints here) and some are brand new to the light of day - and I have at least three more of these Triads in the works, which means that I will have a total of up to 30 short stories out there in circulation.

(Oh, AND I wrote a new novel this year, too - or at least finished it - and I have plans on getting another at least half-done before Christmas this year...)

Okay. Not too shabby.

Any of you out there read any of those? I'd love to know what you thought about them...
Tags: promotion, short story news

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