anghara (anghara) wrote,

Well, I was away at Westercon for the weekend...

...and while I was gone several things occurred.

1) I had a birthday. Now I'm just one more year from being a certified antique.

2) A new review of "Midnight at Spanish Gardens" surfaced, here. I'm intrigued by how many reviewers and readers have singled out Simon as a fave character in this book...

3) I did a guest-post appearance on Jim Hines's blog, along with otherwriterly folk who have had interesting things to say. Go on and mosey by there and read all his guests...

4) Westercon. It had its highs and lows, as all cons do. The panel I put forward ("Bad writing! No cookie!") never quite managed to make it into any given con program so we kind of... accreted an audience for this one... by accident rather than design. But although it wasn't massively attended, the people who WERE there appear to have had a ball. So I'll take it as a half-win, as it were. I did - let's see - eight panels all told, plus a reading, plus an autographery slot (which went as they mostly always do, but it seems to be a thing with cons that they never QUITE know what to do with the autograph tables and try all kinds of creative solutions but never quite hit on a high-traffic area that actually functions to the betterment of the participating authors...) My panels ranged from the issues and features of Asian (to wit, mostly Chinese, but we ranged far and wide) dragons, to YA literature (purported to include an august personage who may or may not have just returned from Bologna, where the premier world rights fair of children's literature is held every year, full of up-to-date information on all aspects of the genre and who presumably put forward the idea of this panel... but who was quite definitely not ON it, which left those of us who were to soldier on Bologna-less...) to things like how to stop your characters being whiney enough to cause Reader Recoil (Oh Thomas Covenant they were playing your tune) and using the right language to convey proper period and context and content (hint: courtiers in the court of Henry VIII do not greet each other with 'Hello') and my final panel, which I ended up moderating because the person who was supposed to have done that never showed, on the ethics of uplift - what happens when we meddle with other species or with AI, what makes US - humans - so happy to play God, and what happens when we do. It kind of exploded, and we went whirling madly around all sorts of petinent issues, especially after we coopted David Brin to join the panel (his presence there later earned me one of the BETTER inscriptions I've ever had when he signed a copy of his new novel for me...) Aside from the Green ROom - as well as the Hospitality Suite - being woefully under-caffeinated for the likes of me, things went swimmingly for the most part. I met up with old friends and had dinner and laughs, I had coffee and chatter with a bunch of new pals, I managed to miss seeing a few people completely (sorry, Robin Hobb, GoH at Westercon - we just sailed right past each other, it seems...) but Fun Was Had.

And now I am home. And this coming week I have book edits to go over and return to my editor. And then I have all sorts of other things that need attention.

Life goes on.

Hope all of you out there had a good weekend yourselves - and see you later...
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