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Fifty for Four in Twenty Twelve

I just boosted the signal, over on Facebook, for THIS particular photo or (if you like) statement:

Here's what I said over there in support of the re-post:

"It works like this: if you like the sense of wonder and enjoyment that an artist (painter, photographer, sculptor, musician, writer) brings into your world, you repay that by helping put kibble in their cat's bowl and food on their own plate. Even just that part about "talking to your friends" is VITAL - that is the all-important word-of-mouth without which it is impossible to gain traction as an artist of any stripe. Go, spread the word about your favourite artist. It's the best thing (short of buying their stuff yourself) that you can possibly do for a creative individual trying to make a go of it today.

So, Here's something that I'm starting RIGHT NOW and I'm going to keep it going until the end of the world - or at least until the Mayans say the world will end, December 21 of this year. You can jump in any time. And by all means pass it on to other folks who might want to play, too. Signal boost is as much appreciated (see the poster, above!) as is direct particpation.

I have this novel, see, and its full title is "2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens".

And I'd like it to go to as many loving homes as it can during this, its banner year. SO here's what some of you out there can do, those of you with a little bit of disposbale income and some friends who you think might endjoy this sort of thing.

Here's the game, and we'll call it "Fifty for Four in Twenty Twelve". It works like this.

You send me $50 for FOUR COPIES OF THE NOVEL. The first copy is yours, for your very own, and you get it signed to you and you can even specify what you want me to write in the autograph squib that I put in there. So that's straightforward. But then what I want you to do is to take the other three books (which I will ALSO sign, but just with my name) and you inscribe your OWN squib in the first one on top of the pile, and sign it with your own name as the giver of a gift - and you give the three books to a friend, together with the instructions to do the same thing in turn - take the top copy (inscribed to themselves) and keep it as a personal gift from YOU, their own friend, and then take the now TWO remaining copies, inscribe the top one to ANOTHER friend and sign THEIR OWN NAME as the gift-giver, and pass them on. The receipient of this then gets to do it one more time - keep the personally inscribed copy for themselves, and pass the remaining one with a suitable gift-giver inscription from them, to a fourth and final recipient, with a full accounting of how they came to get that particular copy. (I'll be putting in a URL linking directly to this post in each book, so they can read up for themselves in any event - and, if they so wish, maybe play the game themselves with a different set of friends...)

You can use this button

or you can send a check, whichever is easier. All you have to do is leave me a contact email in the comments to this post (which I will be screening, so I will be the only one to see it) as well as the details of your own inscription, if you wish to have me write down something specific - and a mailing address, too, where the books need to go. I only have a limited stock on hand at the moment, so if anyone jumps on that bandwagon right now I can fulfill the order immediately - a little later on and I'll have to order them and then ship them. I won't say that I absolutely will not ship overseas, but if you DO live outside the USA let me know and I'll find out how much it would cost for me to ship the books to you to wherever you are - and then you can decide whether that would be something that you can consider. If you are going to be at convention that I will be at - at this time, this looks like Westercon (Seattle, in about ten days or so) and Orycon (Portland OR in November) and you want to avoid shipping altogether, I can bring the books and deliver them to you right there - and if at least one of the friends to whom you want to give the book is around at the same time also then we can make a party of it and you and I and they can have a meal together, or drinks, or coffee, or whatever comes nearest to that idea at the time.

So. Come play, if that is your pleasure. Or just pass it on. Let's see how many of the 2012 books we can find homes and families for before, er, the world ends in December...

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