anghara (anghara) wrote,

The oddnesses of weather

My garden guys just got hold of some "native rhodies", as they call them - the big tree rhododendrons which grow, at their maturity, up to 24 feet high - so I got four of 'em to put in our garden, to screen out neighbours. Sounds like a plan, no...?

Well, he came today with the plants - they're in one-gallon pots, tiny baby things, and we fixed on places to put 'em in. Only one problem. For the last two nights it's been REALLY cold, and the forecast is for more of the same over the weekend. There was a little pot outside which once used to house a plant, and it had a bit of water in it, and it's frozen. SOLID. So watering these new plants is going to be - well, I was going to say an adventure, but I've changed my mind and I'll go with flat out impossible. SO I hope they'll survive for a few days until things thaw out a tad before I can quench their thirst..

But my poor poor lilacs - all budded out with leaves starting to put forth - I"m afraid that this weekend will put the last nail in THEIR coffin. Sigh.

But it's beautiful out there right now. Bright. Sunny. COLD. Gorgeous.

And everything is frozen. SOLID.

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