anghara (anghara) wrote,

Oh my friends what a couple of days I've had...

I may have mentioned that my cats were Having A Problem lately - or, at the very least, that I was Having a Problem with the cats - or one of the cats - it's hard when you have two of 'em, you can't ride herd on cats all day, and all I knew that A CAT (one or both) had decided that litterboxes were optional and had started - as the vets put it - "urinating inappropriately". All over the house. EVERYWHERE. I kept on smelling it on things. No sooner that I'd nailed down one place I would find another. I was TEARING MY HAIR OUT. They went to the vet, got a clean bill of (urninary) health aside from a few "crystals" in my little girl's urine - so there was nothing medically wrong - but they were still doing it, and my house was starting to look like a cleaning bunker with Nature's Miracle this and Pet Enzyme that and Felliway something else. So we had to hunker down and just close off all rooms most of the time, keeping an eye on them - it was driving me crazy - and then I saw HIM, not the girl, the boy, Doing It right in front of me in teh bathroom, spraying against the door. So the vet put him on Prozac. (Hell, teh CAT got Prozac. I would think at this point that I probably needed it more...) Now I was stuck with trying to pill a very very reluctant cat who was not happy with having stuff shoved into his mouth - but hey, if it would help...

Then, he had a seizure. Borderline, but still - he kind of fell over and flopped about, legs stiff as a board, lying on his side with his tail pointing straight up at the ceiling. Needless to say I freaked out royally, took him straight back to the vet, the emergency vet said, take him off the Prozac for a few days and see if that helps. He's been off Prozac for two days and he seems to be getting back to normal - but I am paranoid that he will start peeing and spraying again and I'm following him around like a mad thing.

Then, on Sunday... my computer tossed its cookies in a major way. Everything went screwy, a piece of "software" kept telling me I needed to pay 74 bucks to get a "full version of it" because it needed to clean up my system, I couldn't boot up, nothing. The computer went to cyberhospital on Monday morning, and that's where it stayed for TWO DAYS. It came back this afternoon, and touch wood, things seem to be working now. But I was without a working computer for two days and I didn't know if it would live or die, and it came back with a diagnosis that even with a virus checker and scanner and scrupulous monitoring it had STILL somehow managed to rack up ELEVEN VIRUSES which were playing merry hob with its innards. TOUCH WOOD TOUCH WOOD TOUCH WOOD it seems to be home and recovered.

But I am a wrung out dishcloth. I really don't know if I could take anything else major going wrong right now without taking the rest of the cat's Prozac stash and curling up into a fetal ball in a darkened room...
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