anghara (anghara) wrote,

Nature red in tooth and claw... right outside my window...

First it was a raccoon limping past my study, a raccoon that looked veyr much the worse for wear in a "you-shoul-have-seen-the-other-guy" kind of way. I swear, I've never quite seen a creature this rawly and this recently wonded - he had what looked like very recent claw scores across his back, his fur had been torn out in tufts in places, and he was DEFINITELY limping. He was a sorry looking example of raccoonhood to be sure. He paused only long enough to snarf around the ground and see that there was nothing edible there, and for my cat to bounce off of the window at him four times, hissing and spitting, to no avail - and then he dragged his scratched-up carcass off into the woods again. I have no idea what hit him - another raccoon who didn't like him? Coyotes? Even perhaps cougar? In any event, he didn't look very happy, or very well. I hope he pulls through and survives his grievous bodily harm experience, whoever it was that he picked a fight with.

And then I went upstairs for dinner (this was yesterday, mind) and there I am sitting at my dining room table looking at a mourning dove perched on the railing of my deck - and then, in what literally was just a fraction of a second, a rust-coloured feathered cannonball came hurtling out of the sky, straight at the dove, and then both hawk and dove were gone, except for a fluttering of a few pin feathers andn a smear of blood on the railing. I was left staring open mouthed at the place where the dove had been a blink of an eye before - gone, now. Vanished. TOday there was another dove - possibly the mate - wandering around disconsolately for hours, but the hawk decided to let this one live. They came to my feeder, the doves, and instead of getting dinner... one of them BECAME dinner...

And you wonder why my cats are indoor cats?...

(touch wood, pray for them, they have been so VERY good today, let's hope the worst is behind us all and we can go back to a semi normal existence, the cats and I...)
Tags: wildlife report

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