anghara (anghara) wrote,

Weird and wonderful!

So, first off, let me say I am no fashionista - and a "name" label on anything would not draw me in to buy stuff just because that name was on it. But some names we've all heard of, and Louis Vuitton is one of them. So, then, there's a fashion show of his latest line. Here's a video of it:

...It is so deliciously BIZARRE.

Questions start pouring in thick and fast.

First off, look at that title: "Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2012/2013 Full Fashion Show | Paris Fashion Week" - but uh hey isn't fall/winter 2012/2013 practically STILL A FULL YEAR AWAY? So are we in the future?

If so, what's with the retro look of the whole thing? The coats that Lady Mary from Downton Abbey might have worn?

And the hats, oh the hats, oh where did all those hats come from? And is that really the latest fasion trends, wearing those magic mushroom things on your head?

And the shoes! Dear GOD, the shoes! If this is going to be de rigueur to leave the house in I shall become a housebound recluse because I couldn't walk ten steps in those shoes without breaking my fool neck!

And the LUGGAGE!!! Is it just me or did it become steadily more odd as the parade went on - with bags growing fur and feathers and practically opening up little squinty eyes to glare at the audience? (Terry Pratchett, step up - these are the bastard children of THE Luggage... it wouldn't surprise me to learn that those bags eat small dogs and unattended children...)

And then the whole... train thing... I couldn't believe how many models kept on getting off that car - what, were they sitting in each other's laps in there? Just how many people does a train car HOLD? And they just kept coming and coming and coming and coming like there was a factory manufacturing line for them inside that train car...

And then, extrapolating the story (I can't help it, that's what I DO) - where were all these earnest, serious, determined, focused women all GOING in that long line that never ended? They looked as though they had GRIEVANCES. And that they were absolutely set on having those grievances heard and addressed. I can just see them all walking in to the GOP convention, lining up at the front of the house, and then, all in absolute silence, slowly lift their hands and point their fingers at the leadership at the podium with an unspoken but echoing "YOU HAVE CROSSED US, YOU WILL PAY" reverberating through the hall. And then they could let the bags loose amongst the audience, I guess. Nom nom nom.

SERIOUSLY. Weird and wonderful.

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